King’s Lynn restaurant to host (cannon)ball

Cannonball to be installed at Marriott's Warehouse
Cannonball to be installed at Marriott's Warehouse
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A historic cannonball is to be installed at Lynn’s Marriott’s Warehouse on Saturday as part of Local History Day.

The 17 th  century cannonball dates from the Civil War and was found in a field near King’s Lynn.

It was given to Gareth Calway by Veronica Lane whilst he was touring with his Oliver Cromwell show. Gareth then presented the cannonball to Marriott’s Warehouse Trust in 2016.

During the Civil War the town suffered a three-week siege from August 28-September 15, 1643 following a Royalist coup.

Parliamentarian forces blockaded the town to the east and by sea, while cannons were fired across the River Ouse from West Lynn.

On September 3, 1643, one cannonball went through St Margaret’s Church’s west window.

The Siege of Lynn was very important in terms of the Civil War and also because of its impact on the population of Lynn.

The installation of the cannon ball will take place at 11am on Saturday.

To mark the occasion, Gareth will join with Andy Wall, director of Ely Folk Festival, to perform The Ballad of Freeborn John; their song about the issues at stake in the Civil War and declaim his comic ballad The Ballad of The Backwoods Cavalier, which tells the story of the siege as PG Wodehouse might have told it!

Dr Paul Richards will deliver a short talk about the impact of the siege on Lynn’s population.