Lynn Fiction Festival author sets up Eurovision quiz

Chris West has been booked in for the King's Lynn Fiction Festival
Chris West has been booked in for the King's Lynn Fiction Festival
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There is a late change to the line-up at the forthcoming King’s Lynn Fiction Festival.

Unfortunately, writer Daisy Waugh has had to withdraw from the event being held at Lynn Town Hall from March 11-13, where the guests will include Jonathan Smith, author of Churchill’s Secret, which was shown to critical acclaim on ITV on Sunday.

Stepping into the breach is Chris West, who has written in many genres, including crime fiction and history.  Hello Europe! deals with the story of Europe and the European Union from 1956 to the present day – viewed through the colourful lens of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Chris has written an email quiz for the Eurovision song contest and has kindly offered to donate a book to the winner.

Lynn News readers can take part by submitting your answers to

Eurovision Quiz questions:

1) When was the first contest held, and where?

2) Which nation has won most times?

3) Who was the first singer to win the contest for Britain?

4) In what year did four songs come first equal? (Bonus point: one of them was British: what was it?)

5) How many times has Cliff Richard sung for Britain?

6) What was the venue when ABBA won the contest?

7) Which artist has won Eurovision twice as a solo singer?

8) Who won the contest in 1988 by a single point from Britain’s Scott Fitzgerald?

9) Which was the first British entrant to get nul points?

10) In what year did Graham Norton begin commentating on the contest for the BBC?

Decider: When Britain won in 1997, lead singer Katrina Leskanich wore a shirt she had bought on an East Anglian market for £3. Which market?