REVIEW: THE SHARPS – Gt Massingham Social Club

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What's on news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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Folkspot, you can certainly pick ’em.

The Sharps are proven young performers in an exciting new combination: twin brothers – Callum is the frontman-bassist-composer with billowing hair, the kind often wasted on the young, Kieran the bearded crop-haired lead guitarist – Yve Mary B (vocals) and Matt Brocklehurst (keyboards). Waiting their cue, a mix of bohemian furs and T shirts, they all exchange grins of anticipation, knowing they can do it.

Then the guitars chime together, Beatle-like.

And not just because of that distinctive Rickenbacker jangle, the melodic ensemble of the playing or even because this was an all-singing four piece. But because these are four precocious talents singing good-news songs and having fun.

All the material is their own.

Everyone sings tunefully. Yve and Callum’s two lead voices are special. The keyboard playing is excellent.

Hurricane puts into the spotlight the band’s female newcomer, seasoned by solo tours and with the excellent Macarnos, Yve Mary B. Her vocal is the hurricane of the title. The sustained applause that follows is preceded by an audience hush of disbelief.

Callum’s love-song duet with Brocklehurst’s keyboard ends the show on another high.

Before long the Sharps will sustain this level throughout. Promisingly, after a pilot tour, they are now removing to the studio to work out their direction along with drummer Sam Evans. Meanwhile, it was a privilege to see the dawn of a bright new day.