Sunday afternoon concert by Norfolk Symphony Orchestra

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Norfolk Symphony Orchestra’s latest concert was at St Nicholas’ Chapel, Lynn, on Sunday.

Andy Tyler writes in his review: For me there is certainly a fourth B in the list of great composers (taking Bach, Beethoven and Brahms as read) and that is the Austrian composer Anton Bruckner.

One of his most approachable symphonies (the No. 4) nicknamed “The Romantic” was performed in Sunday’s enjoyable Norfolk Symphony Orchestra concert, which also included a tender, lyrical performance of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto with soloist Philippa Barton (who is also the orchestra’s leader). Philippa’s style suited a Sunday afternoon’s concert, relaxed but full of tension ( especially in the concerto’s cadenzas, played with aplomb by the soloist), when necessary.

The symphony, composed in 1874, was given a solid performance by orchestra and conductor, Philip Hesketh. It’s important in Bruckner to maintain a smooth string tone and avoid too violent a contrast within movements.

The acoustics of St Nicholas’ Chapel in Lynn has to be taken into account, of course.

Lastly, we will all have our own view on the conductors giving their views before a piece is performed. Sometimes the audience cannot hear what is being said, and, of course, it prolongs the duration of the concert.

Would a note in the programme be the better option?

Taken as a whole, a great afternoon’s music making; for more information about the NSO visit it’s website Thanks, for the 4th B as well as the 2nd!