Up town funk at Downham Market, by Jon Seymour

Vinyl Vera at Sunscreem ANL-150710-090546001
Vinyl Vera at Sunscreem ANL-150710-090546001
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The 90’s dance sensation Sunscreem came to Downham at the weekend bringing with plenty of funk for those on the dance floor to enjoy.

Kicking off the proceedings was Bongo Ted, playing some funky tunes on the decks to get people in the mood.

Sunscreem ANL-150710-090851001

Sunscreem ANL-150710-090851001

After half an hour, Stretch Soul Gang took to the stage. These guys never fail to deliver. They have a lot of energy, their songs are catchy, and they’ll certainly get you moving.

Tonight was no exception, and they got the crowd on their side early on with another top notch performance. If you like your music on the funky side, then Stretch Soul Gang are a must.

It was soon time for local DJ Vinyl Vera to take to the decks and play some dance mixes.

The music was non-stop and the crowd seemed to be lapping it up.

The dance floor soon filled up and everybody was having a good time. It was a great way to warm up for Sunscreem.

Speaking of which, they were on next. Being an actual band, rather than a mix of computers and samplers, is what sets them apart from the mainstream dance acts.

They offer something a little different. Of course the electronic elements are still there, but when there’s a group of musicians on stage, they add a little chemistry into the mix. It was as though they’d never been away.

They played a good mix of tunes too, from the classic Love U More to the more recent Sweet Life.

The title track from the album released earlier this year. Lucia’s voice is still as strong as ever, and placed over the trance music it sounds haunting.

Musically, they were right up there, and the band as a whole seem to feed from each other, each knowing what everyone else is doing, and keeping things really tight.

After their set Vinyl Vera took to the decks again to wind the evening down.

There were a lot of happy faces by the end of the night, so all of the effort put into making it happen was certainly not a waste of time.

If you get the chance to see Sunscreem, then take it, because they’re really very good, and you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss it.