New exhibition opens at Greyfriars Art Space in King’s Lynn

Superintendant  Dan Pollard of the Environment Agency' (left) with artist Colin Dewar at Denver Sluice complex
Superintendant Dan Pollard of the Environment Agency' (left) with artist Colin Dewar at Denver Sluice complex
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Opening on Saturday at Greyfriars Art Space in Lynn is a two-week exhibition showcasing new works by BellArtLabs, an independent collective of local and international artists working in multimedia.

Colin Dewar is a Cambridge-based artist and inventor who creates interactive light and sound installations. His work at Greyfriars will explore the Fenland landscape through a series of photographs combined with a soundscape made up of field recordings.

“I’ve always loved making things out of electronics, and was curious to explore the Fens from a different angle,” said Colin, who built a hydrophone—a microphone designed for recording audio underwater. With the help of the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership, Colin gained permission from the Environment Agency to record sounds at the Denver Sluice complex.

Landscapes are also a central theme in Tom Scott’s work. In an ongoing series of works exploring his life and travels down the east coast of England—from Northumberland down to the Thames Estuary—he will be presenting a series of artworks originating on Super 8, video and photographs digitized to video, presented as wall-mounted, framed screens.

“Each work is a vignette of a landscape—a poetic, visual exploration of moments in time,” said Tom. “At first glance the viewer may think they are seeing the same image repeating itself—such as tall grass blowing in the wind—but in reality they are seeing a continually changing sequence of frames. Installed in each framed screen is a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. These inexpensive, credit card-size devices have enabled artists across the world to have an accessible audio video playback medium, without being intrusive to the work.”

In contrast, Tony Scott is an artist-writer currently living and working in Northumberland. He presents concepts as audio narrations, written and film-performance works. In a revisited work titled, “Oh! Australia I’ve not been there,” Tony explores two journeys—his memories of his father’s sea travels as revealed by family, and his own sea adventure. The work is printed on Indian rag paper using American Typewriter font—a reverence for the 1950s.

Over the course of the exhibition, Chris Mizsak will be experimenting with 8 mm looped film projections of found footage to create moving portraits and landscapes. “I’m always fascinated to discover vintage home movies of people at home or on holiday, said Chris, who is based in Littleport. “It’s a rare glimpse into someone’s past,” he added. “By cutting fragments of film and projecting them as loops something new emerges. It raises questions about time, memory and identity,” said Chris.

Visitors are invited to contribute to Chris’ work by donating unwanted cine films. Greyfriars gallery coordinator Kathy Cossins said: “We first met Chris last year during the King’s Lynn Film Festival when he and fellow members of the Cambridge Super 8 Group installed a pop-up exhibition at Greyfriars to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Super 8 film. The event attracted a variety of local people who were curious to see old technology on display. Some even brought in their own films for screening.”

Formed in 1996, BellArtLabs has presented works in Bury St Edmunds, Huddersfield, Hull, and Lubin in Poland.

Tony Scott said: “Our work evolves through dialogue—often over long periods of time. Eventually, a cross pollination of ideas occurs, from which point we start thinking about a show. We are always interested to see how our different visual perceptions and sounds come together in a gallery setting.”

BellArtLabs – New Works and Ongoing Explorations is on view from Saturday for two weeks at Greyfriars Art Space, 43 St. James Street. The gallery will be open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-4pm and admission is free.

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