Noah Stewart talks to the Lynn News ahead of UK tour

Noah Stewart
Noah Stewart
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Rated as probably the most talked-about young American tenor in recent years, Noah Stewart is returning to the UK with a new show.

And his tour includes a concert at Hunstanton’s Princess Theatre on Friday, September 16 (7.30pm). ‘In Love Again’ will be an evening of great songs as Stewart performs classical favourites plus hand-picked West End and big screen hits.

Tickets are £30, call the box office on 01485 532252 to book.

Ahead of his tour, Noah Stewart spoke to the Lynn News:

Your performances have been acclaimed around the world, what can the Hunstanton audience expect from the show?

Thanks so very much. What my audience at Hunstanton can expect is a more intimate experience, filled with varied and exciting programme combining music of the West End and Broadway, classical favourites.

Is there something special at being in front of an audience in an intimate setting such as the Princess Theatre?

Absolutely. The reason I chose to be a singer is because I liked telling stories and needed to express myself in the music of song.

Do you notice a difference between UK audiences and those in other countries?

Yes I have. I really enjoy performing for the audiences of the UK because of their broad appreciation of genre and repertoire. The love of music here in palpable and I’m so looking forward to sharing my new tour with them.

Do you still live in Harlem when you are not travelling the world?

Currently I’m living on the road, but still consider New York City my home.

But when travelling, it must be difficult “living out of a suitcase”.

Yes, no matter how much I do it, it is always hard leaving friends, family and fans, but I love my job. My gift was given to me to share it with the world.

When you appeared on BBC radio’s Desert Island Discs in 2012 you said you liked to keep fit. Will we see you taking a jog along Hunstanton promenade if you have time?

Ha? Yes, keeping fit helps me clear my mind. I started running back in 2009 in South Africa and found that it was a great way to not only see a city or country, but also become familiar with where my audiences call home.

Also on that programme you told Kirsty Young that cooking was a favourite hobby, do you still enjoy that?

Yes, I love to cook. It calms me and Come Dine With Me is one of my favourite programmes. Sometimes it’s hard to find to cook, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to me, especially because I travel so often.

When in the UK are there any special menus you like to try?

Would you believe I’ve never had a Sunday roast yet? I’ve been holding off for the perfect place or places to go. I also want to try more Indian dishes.

You have had an eventful career, is it possible to pick out one or two highlights?

The first highlight would be singing at Royal Albert Hall and perhaps the second would be my second solo tour at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

And what can your UK fans look forward to in the future?

My UK fans can look forward to me maturing not only as an artist, but also my voice. The tenor voice is the most challenging to train and I’m enjoying discovering the many new colours of my palette.

Finally, are there things on your “bucket list” still to be ticked off?

Sure, but I find that sometimes not planning is more exciting than plotting a set course. Life isn’t a game or a match, it’s an adventure. I never guessed I’d be answering these questions with you today.

Because of that, I am more appreciative for my journey and hard work and persistence and grateful to all the people who have supported and believed in me along the way.