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Norfolk landscape to star at village exhibition

Following a successful showing of Norfolk landscape paintings in April, Barbara King returns to Ringstead Village Hall from August 16 to 18 with a new exhibition showcasing all the other subjects which appear in her work.

The exhibition will be divided into sections, including:

‘SHADOW PATTERNS’ – paintings in oil demonstrating the intriguing shadows created by the projection of various light sources (torches, lamplight, sunlight) onto plants, chosen for their interesting shapes and/or decorative foliage and set against various backgrounds to add additional interest to the composition.

The Other Stuff! by Barbara King
The Other Stuff! by Barbara King

‘REFLECTIONS’ – paintings of the reflections of boats on water in various conditions from turbulent to calm, creating reversed and distorted images which, whilst representative of an actual view, border on the abstract. Like the shadow patterns, the subject creating the image (boat, plant, etc) features only as a peripheral object at the edge of the composition.

FIGURES – Life drawings in pastel and paintings in oil and watercolour celebrating dancers such as Morris, Clog, and Molly.

ANIMALS – Horses, cows, pigs and sheep make up a collection of animal studies with many showing their characters, including curious Friesians, mucky pigs, black headed gulls and pink flamingoes!

Ladies bedstraw, common mallow, hawksbeard and daisies
Ladies bedstraw, common mallow, hawksbeard and daisies

FIREWORKS – Spectacular firework explosions reflected on water inflaming and informing the surrounding harbour structures and floating boats.

STILL LIFE AND FOLIAGE – A sample of small works including fruits, vegetables and flowers in acrylic and watercolour.Large studies of rhododendron woods carpeted in rose/violet petals and many new textural creations based on Norfolk hedgerows.

The exhibition (from 10am to 5pm) promises to be a colourful spectacle with sufficient subjects to please most visitors.

For further details contact Barbara King on 07798918470 or bek@barbaraking.co.uk

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