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King's Lynn-based 'supergroup' deliver Violence and Virtue

What happens when a group of extremely talented musicians from various bands form to create a “supergroup?”

The result from the band Kingdom Keys, The result from the band Kingdom Keys, based in Norwich but with strong links to Lynn and West Norfolk, is Violence & Virtue, which can only be described as epic.

It’s been a labour of love to get this released, with a lot of tinkering going on with the song-writing and production processes, and it’s been five years in the making.

Kingdom Keys album Violence & Virtue (49432310)
Kingdom Keys album Violence & Virtue (49432310)

Was it worth the wait though? Absolutely, and even if it took another five years, it would still have been worth it.

The songs were all written by Sam Cook, who is well known for being in Whole Lotta Hair, Bear Club, Vex and various others that have been playing in and around Lynn for many years, and I have to say that there are some people who are just annoyingly talented.

That’s only part of the story though, as the musicianship on the album is exemplary, from the haunting piano intro to Loyal Heart, to the monster guitars on Book of Wolves, everything is just right on the money, with the rhythm section keeping everything as tight as the proverbial duck’s bottom.

Lyrically it’s a glimpse into Sam’s life, and as such it’s very personal, covering love, loss and a whole host of other emotions. To coin a phrase, it hits you right in the feels.

Production was undertaken by Lee Batiuk who also produced Deaf Havana’s Old Souls, and his influence on the final mix is subtle but evident none the less.

It’s so easy to over produce something, but this is most certainly not the case here.

So, you may have gathered that I quite like this album, and you’d be right, it’s been on repeat in my car since it’s release, because it’s nothing short of spectacular, and you should buy/stream it at your earliest opportunity. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Jon Seymour

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