Peter Pan on Ice at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange

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The world-renowned Russian Ice Stars are currently wowing the audiences at Lynn Corn Exchange with their production of Peter Pan On Ice.

The show started on Wednesday and it continues on Thursday at 2.30 and 7.30pm, on Friday at 7.30pm, on Saturday at 2.30 and 7.30pm and finally on Sunday at 1pm and 4.30pm.

But before the opening night a strict timetable had to be followed in order that the ice rink was ready in time for rehearsal skating on Wednesday afternoon.

The work started on Tuesday when technicians arrived at the venue with their two 45ft trucks. Eight venue technicians unloaded the set and costume truck, known as the dry truck, and started rigging lights, set and flying equipment.

The “wet” truck containing the floor system and surround was then unloaded and the task of building the ice 
rink began.

Two 15m x 15m industrial pool liners were laid on the stage and side supports from wood were built to create a large but shallow swimming pool. Inside the pool, 15km of a special flexible rubber pipe was laid and connected to a header system which is connected to two chiller units on the back of the wet truck.

Two chiller units are used so that in the unlikely event of a total breakdown of one unit, the second will maintain the rink and prevent flooding of the stage and the potential loss of a performance.

The floor system is filled with anti-freeze and the pressure is checked. It resembles a giant radiator lying flat on the stage; it is in effect a simple flow and return pipe system. The anti-freeze is chilled to –15*C and circulated through the floor pipes. At this point the rubber pipes begin to frost over.

Four tons of crushed ice was then spread over the floor pipes, providing a head start in the freezing process. From that point, the rink was sprayed with water every 20-30 minutes until it reached 7-8cm thick.

Here are some more facts and figures:

* 14 tons of ice are used on stage equalling the weight of two double-decker buses.
* 14, 000 litres of water are used to build the rink – enough water to make more than 56,000 cups of tea. 
* 2,500 litres of antifreeze used in the pipe system is enough to fill 100 Rolls Royce radiators. 
* 15km of pipe work is used to create the ice floor. Laid end to end, a similar distance would take Kelly Holmes an hour and 15 minutes to run. 
* The antifreeze in the ice machines reaches temperatures of -15 degrees, that’s three times colder than a home freezer. 
* The combined distance travelled by all the vehicles on tour is equivalent to a journey 2 3/4 times around the world. 
* It takes 140 man hours to build the rink and 30 hours to dismantle it.

Peter Pan on Ice: For ticket details call the Corn Exchange box office on 01553 764864 or visit