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Rapunzel, The Musical, Alive Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn

Rapunzel The Musical
Rapunzel The Musical

Review: Rapunzel, The Musical, Alive Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb thy golden stair.

Despite being surrounded by children on school trips, and feeling slightly too old to watch, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rapunzel the Musical, a Gordon Craig Theatre Production, is closer to the Brothers Grimm’s adaptation of the fairy tale than Disney’s, which I assume youngsters may be less familiar with.

However, this would not prevent children and parents alike from enjoying the production, as it does make for a refreshing change to Tangled.

The story tells the tale of how Rapunzel became trapped in Gothel’s tower in the woods, only to be saved by Prince Freddie.

Once rescued and reunited with her mother and father, Rapunzel and Freddie marry and the entire kingdom celebrates.

The cast, crew, and musicians put on a magnificent, some may even say magical, performance, which thoroughly entertained their audience. So despite the absence of frying pans, Pascal, and Flynn Rider, otherwise known as Eugene Fitzherbert, I would recommend this production as its light-hearted, musical and heart-warming aspects makes for an enjoyable watch.

The show finishes on Sunday.

Paige Freshwater

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