Review: Deaf Havana go down a storm at Norwich gig

James Veck-Gilodi pictured by Jon Seymour
James Veck-Gilodi pictured by Jon Seymour
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Deaf Havana rolled into Norwich on Thursday last week, and they brought a few friends along with them for the ride. The Norfolk boys always love coming back to Norwich and often use it as an opportunity to catch up with old friends.

With two support acts, there was a lot to cram in, and getting things started were 4-piece (plus a drummer) Dead! They were a bit punk, and a bit classic rock, with a whole lot of attitude. Their energy was infectious and the crowd lapped them up, loving every minute of their set, and it was all over far too quickly.

Dinosaur Pile Up were the second band on the menu, and after the first band, they were a little too laid back. The crowd warmed to them but seemed a lot more subdued compared to the first band. That said though, they’re a good band, playing grungy rock with a lot of grit and dirt added in for good measure.

On to the main event then. The cheer that went up as the boys took to the stage was simply deafening, and the whole room sang the opening lines to “Ashes, Ashes” along with James, and that was it, the band and crowd were as one, each feeding off the other.

The new material featured heavily in the set, and rightly so, but of course old classics such as “Hunstanton Pier” and “I’m a Bore, Mostly” were in there too, along with several others.

The time just flew by, and before anyone knew it, it was all over. James warned everyone that he’d got a cold, so couldn’t sing as well, but nobody noticed, or even cared. The atmosphere inside was electric, and the whole place was buzzing. This was a night to remember in many ways. Roll on next time!