REVIEW: Kindertransport, King’s Lynn Studio Players

Sophie Hobbs, in Kindertransport
Sophie Hobbs, in Kindertransport

Kinderstransport, King Lynn Studio Players, Springwood Drama Studio

A studio production of Diane Samuels’ play was performed at Springwood last night and is on again tonigh.

It tells the story of a Jewish girl called Eva, who escaped Nazi Germany in 1939, when her parents sent her to England.

It is told almost simultaneously over two time-frames. Back then, and some 50 years later, when her own daughter discovers the truth about her mother’s past and the recriminations start.

This was a challenging piece for the cast to take on. It is interested in passing in the historical enormity of the crime committed to trigger the kindertransport. This is a far more personal piece about the guilt and the choices (or indeed non-choices) foisted on survivors. Everyone has their faults.

Well done to all involved. Sophie Hobbs was excellent as the young Eva, matched by the steeliness of her older self, the anglicised Evelyn (Alison Ding). Keesha Stannett Walden is spot-on as the somewhat self-centred Faith, Carol Storey brilliant as the hard-headed northern ‘English’ mum Lil and Teresa Sharp adds pathos to the role of Eva’s mother Helga.

Well done to director Anthony Maley, who kept up a quick pace and made the vening whip by.

Mark Leslie