Review: Nina Conti in sell-out show at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange

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Renowned ventriloquist Nina Conti brought her unique show to Lynn Corn Exchange on Friday, for an evening of laughter and mayhem.

She’s been touring the show for around two years, but as the majority of it is based around improvisational content, you’re never going to see the same show twice.

What makes the show unique though, is the way that the audience actually become the stars, having masks applied and Nina providing them all with different voices. This results in much hilarity, and countless times during the evening she had the entire audience in stitches.

This type of comedy is one of the most difficult to pull off, but when it’s done well it’s probably one of the funniest. Nina is obviously very good at it though, as she’s been playing sold out shows throughout the duration of the tour.

No show would be complete without her Monkey, and the (pretend) relationship they share comes across brilliantly, and is also the source of a great many laughs, and even when things went wrong she made it funny. There was an “incident” with a chair and a guitar, and she kept forgetting that one of the characters on stage was supposed to have a Brummie accent. All of this just added to the entertainment value.

Personally, I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so hard for so long. At the end of the evening my sides hurt, and my face ached and my eyes were stinging, and because it’s a different show every time, there’s no reason not to see it over and over again, and the next time Nina’s in town, I will almost certainly be going along, but just for a laugh….