Review: Nothing is at it seems at Westacre Theatre

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Latest what's on news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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It was laughs all round as Pack of Lies hit the stage at Westacre Theatre, but what started as a light-hearted look at surburban life soon turned into a chilling tale of Soviet spies.

A packed audience was left questioning how well they really knew their neighbours in this thrilling play by Hugh Whitmore, which took concepts like trust and friendship and turned them upside down.

Based on a true story, the play had a spooky undertone that reminded us that nothing is what it seems, and no matter how much we peer from behind the curtains, we can never know everything about our neighbours.

Issy Huckle and Andy Naylor did a fantastic job of directing the production, which instantly took us back in time to 1961, setting the scene for a story of intrigue and betrayal.

Boasting both a bigger cast than most Westacre productions, and a busier set, the props and furniture really added to the storyline, while the cast perfectly depicted family life in the 60s.

The relationships between the characters were touching, showing how many sides there can be to one person but highlighting how easy it is to only see one side of the story.

A standout performance from Dot Williams Eley, who took up the role of Julie Jackson with ease. It was the first time I have seen her in a Westacre Theatre production, but I’m sure it will not be the last.

You can still catch performances of Pack of Lies tonight and tomorrow from 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £16 and are available from the Westacre Theatre box office on 01760 755800.