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Review: The Matrix Resurrections – was it worth digging up Neo, Trinity and Morpheus?

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REVIEW: The Matrix Resurrections (15)

Well, given that there's reportedly at least one sequel in the offing to this Matrix reboot, I say to fans: Strap in and do your homework now.

Being a comic nut and Star Wars fan in my youth I can blag my way through the endless superhero adaptations and sci-fi sequels.

Matrix Resurrections.
Matrix Resurrections.

However, I only saw The Matrix in 1999 (blimey, how time flies) and one of the original trinity sequels so I have a casual understanding of Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and company.

This latest effort from the Wachowskis – Lana seems to be solely involved this time, as director and co-writer – we see Keanu Reeves as "Mr Anderson", a cutting edge games designer responsible for the smash-hit Matrix who is clearly mentally troubled as he keeps appointments with his 'shrink' (Neil Patrick Harris) and takes blue pills.

He takes time out at the local coffee shop, whose name has a Matrix theme, where Anderson meets a family woman (Carrie-Anne Moss) called Tiffany who bears a remarkable resemblance to the gaming character he created, Trinity.

Then the company he works for wants a sequel to the Matrix game. So far, so meta-commentary.

But Anderson begins having horrifying hallucinations of an alternate reality... and this is where it started to lose me.

The Matrix Resurrections is not a bad film, let's be clear. It's just that I couldn't properly work out all the plot twists, various character (old and new) motivations and suchlike.

As hinted above, it all seemed like homework. Plus, the SFX stuff that the original was so feted for, bullet time and all that, is so old-hat. Any half-decent – and some not so decent – film has CGI coming out of its ears nowadays.

Therefore, after nearly 25 years since the first film, is another offering really worth it? On this evidence, not particularly.

Peter Woodhouse

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