Review: Vampires Rock at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange

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Thursday saw Steve Steinman bring his Vampire’s Rock Ghost Train to the Corn Exchange. The show has been running, and visiting Lynn, for over 10 years, although it’s updated regularly with a different story and new songs.

Essentially it’s a celebration of classic rock hits, based loosely around a theme, and with an assortment of cast members and excellent musicians, it’s an exceptional show. There is also a lot of humour injected into the proceedings, and some real groan-inducing moments with song titles and band names inserted into the dialogue. For example, there’s a new character introduced this year in the shape of Van Halensing, yes really.

It’s as much visual as it is audible though, with dancing, pyrotechnics, and over-the-top acting it makes for an entertaining evening. Nevertheless, it’s completely tongue in cheek and most importantly a lot of fun. Parental advisory is advised as there is some colourful language here and there, although none of it is scripted, in fact there seemed to be a lot of ad-lib moments which made the show even funnier.

If you’ve never seen this show, then you’re missing out on a lot. I’d go so far as to say that this is almost a must if you’re a fan of classic rock. It’s just so much to enjoy about this show. It has everything, drama, humour, and some great songs to sing along to, my throat was sore and my voice had gone by the end of the evening, but I’d happily do it all over again.

Steve returns to the Corn Exchange in April with a brand new show called Iconic, which consist of music from the movies, and it promises to be equally as good. If you’ve not seen any of his shows yet, maybe it’s time you did, because entertainment is what the shows are about, and they bring that in spades.