Scary surprises on stage with Naomi’s wildlife show

Naomi Wilkinson with a not-so-scary friend
Naomi Wilkinson with a not-so-scary friend
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Children’s TV presenter Naomi Wilkinson is embarking on a nationwide tour, Wild & Scary, in the spring – and it will be stopping off at Lynn Corn Exchange.

This family friendly show will be packed full of fun and surprises. Join Naomi as she recalls some of her most exciting and adrenaline-boosting wildlife experiences from the far flung corners of the world, and even introduces the audience to some fierce and frightening animals she has met along the way.

Naomi will be joined on stage by ‘Animal Mark’ (Mark Amey), and some of his scariest creatures. Mark is a Zoologist BSc and lifelong naturalist keeper and breeder of exotic pets. He has starred in and worked on countless TV shows and films, looking after amazing animal stars.

Naomi is the presenter of CBBC’s Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature, in which she travels the world to come face-to-face with animals that initially seem weird, dangerous or downright scary; she is also a regular presenter for BBC1’s Countryfile and was a judge for the 2015 Countryfile Photographic Competition.

Ideal for families with children aged five and over, Wild & Scary will keep everyone on the edge of their seats as Naomi takes the audience on a tour of the world. From Borneo, to Belize, Africa to Australia, she and Mark will be spilling secrets of their adventures from all over the planet.

Naomi and Mark will be joined on stage by some of the scariest animals they’ve met on their travels, giving the audience an incredible interactive experience unheard of in traditional theatre shows.

Naomi is also really keen to help others get over some of their fears of certain animals, just as she has done over the years. Having previously been terrified of both spiders and sharks, and even going as far to call herself an ‘arachnophobe’, Naomi has conquered her fears by learning about these amazing animals and believes she can help children around the country do the same.

Naomi’s Wild & Scary show is at Lynn Corn Exchange on Wednesday, April 12, 2.30pm, visit for more info.