Sell-out special for Burns Night at Wolferton

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A special Burns Night celebration was a popular sell-out event at Wolferton Social Club on Friday.

Two club members, Lorna and Rennie Gifford, summed it up: “In the 16 years we have lived here, Friday evening was definitely one of the best in the club. We have heard from so many people who really it and who want another one next year.”

They also added warm praise to Gareth Calway who was the M/C and to the singer Gill Sims-McLennan.

Mr Calway, the Sedgeford writer and performer, writes: “This was my first ever Burns Night as the M/C – doing the Selkirk Grace, the Address To The Haggis and the 15 minute ‘Immortal Memory’ speech.

“Sixty people attended the sell out event. The catering was wonderful – a true monarch of a haggis, mash and swede and a welcomingly light dessert – and, I was plied all night with the amber bead (whisky).

“Great hosts, a most convivial atmosphere and an extremely appreciative audience for my efforts to bring the great man into the room with some of the poems and some thoughts about them.

“Some fine-looking Scotsmen in full national dress and a rainbow of other tartan (looking better on the ladies than on me, it has to be said).

“There was some sprightly Scottish dancing, two stunning Burns songs by Gill Sims-McLennan and some diverting comical behaviour worthy of the occasion.”

You can read Gareth’s full Immortal Memory address on his blog -