Join King’s Lynn’s Theatretrain onstage at the Royal Albert Hall

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Lynn’s Theatretrain group will be starting rehearsals in the spring for their upcoming show at the Royal Albert Hall in September 2015, but there is still time to join the group and perform alongside them.

Centre director Ruth McKechnie said: “My Cambridge centre has performed at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of times before, but this will be the first time the Lynn students have performed here so we are all very excited!”

The show is called How to Make a Hero and will be based around Greek Mythology, telling the story of the creation of the Earth with a collision of the elements – earth, fire, wind and water.

The show will follow the creation of humanity by the Immortal Gods, and a series of adventures featuring well-known heroes such as Jason, Ulysses and Theseus, stories such as the Trojan Horse, and defeat of monsters such as Cyclops and the Minotaur.

Ruth added: “The show will be both educational and fun for the children, and they can expect to be on stage for 90 per cent of the show, so lots of work to be put in too!

“All students who join after Christmas will all be able to take part.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the performing arts and appearing at this prestigious venue should contact Ruth on 01223 24646 or 07810 825062, or email