Lavender Hill Mob review

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Lifestyle & Leisure news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter

Babes In The Wood

Lavender Hill Mob 
Theatre Company

It’s a pleasure to review the latest Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company’s production in the knowledge it’s the borough mayor’s nominated charity for 2016-2017.

And based on the company’s showing in Babes in the Wood, and in past productions that nomination is well deserved.

The company is active in the community and provides the opportunity for all members to come together in a kind of extended family, at the same time developing skills they thought they may not have had. Volunteers are always welcome!

I was astonished to learn it’s the company’s 37th show to date and the standards seem to be getting higher as the time goes on.

I am always astonished by the professional scripts, lyrics, music, orchestrations and choreography and this time, Les Miles , Tim Rock and Zoe Adams were responsible respectively.

Praise goes also to all the other ‘behind the scenes’ personnel.

Singing, dancing and the chorus work were enthusiastically tackled and the principal characters made the audience laugh, cry and gasp when appropriate!

All the character work was enjoyable , but I must single out, in my view, outstanding performances given by Jordan Winn as HYPO and Michael Miles as Nurse Polly Darton. Boots (played by Alex Nadel), and Laces (Phoebe Smith), should not be forgotten either.

Overall, however , well done to all involved, this was a fast-moving, entertaining show, which twisted and turned in an engaging and intriguing way.

I look forward to the company’s next offering: Saving Christmas!

Andy Tyler.