REVIEW: Omid Djalili at the Corn Exchange, Lynn

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MSFP omit djalili
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Who the heck is Boothby Graffoe? That was the question on a lot of people’s minds as the lights dimmed in the Corn Exchange in Lynn on Tuesday.

The answer came in the shape of a chap with a guitar, and a wry sense of humour.

Performing a mix of observational comedy and songs with “laugh-outloud” lyrics, his 30 minute warm up set did exactly that.

The crowd were instantly on his side, and by the time he’d finished, there weren’t many that didn’t have tear stains on their cheeks.

After a brief interval, it was time for the headline act. Omid Djalili is a very funny man, and a very likeable one too.

His vibrant mix of topical comedy, personal experience and the state of the world in general is both thought provoking and capable of inducing belly laughs a plenty.

He has the ability to make even the saddest of topics laughable.

Nobody is safe either, religion, politics, terrorism and numerous other topics were all subject to ridicule, and there were a few serious moments too, which brought a revered silence occasionally.

He was keen to point out though, that it was just opinion, and he wasn’t going to argue with anyone, he was merely stating his personal feelings, right or wrong.

In a world of uncertainty, a comedy night is a place to escape and forget your troubles, and for a couple of hours on Tuesday it felt good to be able to poke fun at things, and more importantly, laugh until your sides ache. There were no rose-tinted glasses, no glossing over of anything, it was just an evening of pure, unadulterated fun, and who doesn’t need a dose of that every so often?

Omid is a regular visitor to Lynn, so keep an eye out for him next time. If you feel like you could do with a laugh, and he’s in town, check him out.

Jon Seymour