Writing workshop at Creative Arts in Grimston

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Are you a writer? Published, unpublished, work in progress or yet to be transferred from imagination to paper? Are you perhaps a publisher, an agent or an editor?

Would you welcome mutual support with others involved in creating literature, to bolster confidence in abilities and aspirations?

Norfolk Creative Arts, and new local writer Sue Vaughan-Williams, are presenting a platform to meet other wordsmiths, and create the opportunity to hear thoughts on what shape future, regular or occasional, structured or unstructured gatherings might be.

Sue said: “There are lots of online workshops and forums, enabling writers to connect with fellows worldwide.

“For some people, though, there is nothing like meeting face to face, enabling dynamic opportunities, to exchange ideas, thoughts and opinions to encourage the newcomer to the art and to share triumphs of the practised.”

This informal event will take place on Tuesday, November 8, starting at 6.30pm at Norfolk Creative Arts, Church Hill, 71 Gayton Road, Grimston.

For information call Sue on 07774 609357 or email at svw@susanvaughanwilliams.co.uk.

To book a place contact Norfolk Creative Arts on 01485 240420 or via www.norfolkcreativearts.co.uk