Zey’s new adventures another hit for Lynn animator

Zey relaxes on the beach with Mr Mouse and Dylan
Zey relaxes on the beach with Mr Mouse and Dylan
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After 10 months in the making, you can now catch up on the latest adventures of Zey the Mouse, the creation of Lynn film-maker and animator Ian Harding.

It’s called “A Trip to the Seaside”, which has a summer theme and features two new characters.

Ian says: “This episode was a big challenge with more work involved; stressful yet rewarding at the same time.

“Fans of Zey have already given great feedback over different websites and forums etc, including parents, and saying they were kept interested throughout the new episode.

“Some thought it was well worth the wait – and I would say that this is the best adventure yet for Zey.”

Ian has been involved in filming Zey’s adventures for the past four years and they are something of an international internet sensation, having been watched in no less than 126 different countries.

Mr Raccoon and Fernando Fox are new characters in the latest Zey film

Mr Raccoon and Fernando Fox are new characters in the latest Zey film

This time he has been helped by his writer Jonathan Smith, who also composed the music and worked on the sound effects, while newcomer Jaki Freeth, from Norwich, who studied animation at university, took on part of the animation.

The voices are by Ian (Zey the Mouse and Dylan Dog), his sister Frances Harding (Pixie Panda) and Ross Patterson, from Norwich, (Mr Raccoon and Fernando Fox).

In the film, Zey and Dylan are taken to the seaside for a day trip by Mr Mouse, Zey’s dad, and there’s ice cream and candy floss all round.

But there’s adventure and a mystery over an old pocket watch, naughty Fernando Fox gets upset and causes trouble, while on the beach and sand dunes Zey even gets bitten by a crab!

Mr Raccoon owns the seaside fairground, which has a funhouse where there are many obstacles with surreal surroundings.

Designing the funhouse was particularly challenging for the team with moving floors, spinning sponges, a yellow slide, ball pit and a hall of mirrors, all beautifully made. A helter skelter was also going to feature, but that was scrapped.

Ian said: “It’s been a pleasure to have made this film and I hope Zey’s fans will enjoy it – and that we also get some new viewers as well.”

To check out Zey the Mouse episode 3, “A Trip to the Seaside”, just go to the YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvfT4nCqlTg and enjoy the fun.