Zey the Mouse set for new adventures in 2017

Clara Cat, Zey the Mouse and Mr Scottie
Clara Cat, Zey the Mouse and Mr Scottie
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Lynn film-maker and animator Ian Harding is working hard on his latest project – which will see Zey the Mouse and friends have adventures in London.

Entitled Clara’s Birthday, this will be the fourth episode in the Zey series and Ian says the film should be ready in the summer of 2017.

He added: “The new episode is my favourite of all, and I’m really excited about making it with the team, as the sets and challenges go deeper and the storyline has an older approach.

“It’s lovely that in January 2017 it will be five years since I made the first set of characters, and to see how Zey The Mouse has developed and for the public and fans to enjoy the films and to give inspiration and continued support. I am also lucky to have appeared on TV, in a magazine and in lots of newspapers … and to keep the warmth in my heart for the passion and creativity.”

In this latest adventure, Zey and friends are off to London for Clara Cat’s birthday; the characters include Zey, Clara Cat, Fernando Fox, and Leo Lion, who takes them on the train for the trip. There is a London character, Mr Scottie, who works at the Houses of Parliament, and lots of passers-by and public characters. There is mystery and politics involved, as a thief on the Westminster tube train steals important documents in a briefcase that belongs to Mr Scottie.

Zey and friends go after this thief who’s wearing a hat and a big raincoat where you can’t see the animal’s face! They try to get the briefcase back, but will they? There is also a little party held at the Houses of Parliament for Clara and her friends.

The sets in the episode include Westminster tube station, an underground carriage Ian is currently working on, a set of escalators, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Ian said: “I have designed all the logos and adverts, drawing round a penny for the wall panels and making dots using a permanent marker for the detail on the panels. The floor tiles are by hand using a white pencil and making dots for the detail; other materials used include wood for the base and structure of the tube station and wire mesh for the curved tunnel, plastic, acrylic paint rubber wire etc.

“Episode three of the series, A Trip to The Seasid,e was a success, as it had the most comments (119) which is more than any other Zey video online.

The video has had 621 views, after four-and-a-half months of being uploaded and the episode has drawn in lots of new viewers.”