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King’s Lynn students pass national grading test at Norwich

The Lynn-based Kuk Sool Won martial arts school were well represented at the WKSA national Testing held in Norwich.

A team of ten went to grade for their next grades.

School owner Darren Brown graded towards his 7th dahn, Louise Howling towards her 4th dahn, Callum Mallick towards his 3rd dahn, Rhys Loveday towards his 2nd dahn and Oliver Lake, Liam Coe, Harry Collier, Poppy Foster, and Esmerelder Tickle all graded towards their 1st dahn black belts.

Higher dahn students from Lynn
Higher dahn students from Lynn

The grading lasted four hours and all students began with the white belt syllabus before working their way up to the dahn grade syllabus they were grading for.

Grading for the higher dahn required more activity and less rest time. All students were successful and will move closer to achieving their next grade.

First dahn students from Lynn
First dahn students from Lynn

Kuk Sool Won is a traditional Korean martial art and owners Darren and Marie always welcome new students.

Check out the school's website at: www.Kuksoolwonofkingslynn.co.uk

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